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Consulting vs. coaching

There is a huge difference between consulting and coaching.

At the beginning, both consultants and coaches need as much information as possible about the project in order to work effectively with founders. But in the next steps, you will see a clear difference between the two approaches. When it comes to financing, for example, a consultant shows all options and gives advice for your idea. A coach, however, would ask: “What form of financing do you feel most comfortable with?”. Accordingly, a coach wants to lead coachees to develop their own, self-chosen solutions. The consultant, on the other hand, discusses different options, explains advantages and disadvantages, and gives advice on what is the best option (from his own perspective). If people develop their own solutions independently, they are more likely to implement them. That’s why experienced coaches and consultants often use a blend of both approaches.

As a result, the lines between coaching and consulting can get blurred.