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Your Drink comes true ... Drink Innovation Challenge Review / Outlook

Still thursty!

After the final is before the production. Thanks to all involved.

The DIC in chronology:

Stage 1 / The concept

With the help of colleagues from the University of Kassel, a concept is developed from the competition idea with all the necessary conditions for participation.

The idea that the winning drink should really be realised gives rise to the claim: Your Drink Comes True!

With the support of our sponsors we can guarantee attractive prizes. Thank you.

Stage 2 / The start

In mid-March, we call on students, alumni and staff of Geisenheim University and EBS University to participate.

The campaign starts. With posters and flyers, in print media and, of course, above all in the social media and on the web.

Stage 3 / Support

Everyone can take part, regardless of whether they come from a beverage technology background or have a sharpened business mindset.

To ensure that everyone has a similar chance, there are two supporting modules in the competition.

The sustainability workshop with Prof. Dr. Moritz Wagner from the University of
Geisenheim University of Applied Sciences clarifies what sustainability actually means and all the must be considered.

The feasibility test with Annette Wagner and Peter Bach from Beverage Research
is to ensure that the idea can be implemented in the end. Because that is the goal.

Stage 4: Idea submission

On 1 June, it’s time to stop being thirsty. The participants have to submit their idea sketch and describe it as plausibly as possible.

  • What the drink can do
  • How it tastes
  • Why it is sustainable
  • Which target group it should appeal to
  • How it should be presented
Stage 5: Final

With 13 submissions (4 from EBS and 9 from HGU), six ideas prevailed in the jury’s preliminary decision – due to a tie.

On 14 June, the grand final pitch will be held in the auditorium of Geisenheim University.

Six presentations. A neck-and-neck race.

By a hair’s breadth, “2nd ONE” with a drink based on brewer’s grains beat “Äppeltied” and “Thai Tonic”.

The winners are Elvira Bechtold and Monika Cerniauskaite.

But the race is so close that the president, Prof. Dr. Schultz, would prefer to promise everyone on the “podium” a realisation. 

After the Challenge is before the production …

And so it shall be, the Beverage Technology Centre will implement all three winning ideas with us! Production is planned for September.

After the production is before the Challenge …

After good feedback from all participants and especially from the press (print, radio and television reported or still want to do so), a continuation of the Drink Innovation Challenge is being considered.

Are you interested in participating in a second edition of the DIC in 2023? What are your suggestions for the competition? What themes / drinks / tasks capture your imagination? Write to us: