Joint start-up ring lecture "From the idea to the start-up" by the universities and StartUp hubs in the Rheingau, Mainz, and Wiesbaden regions

February 2022 – Start-ups are the basis for economic growth. New ideas, products, services and business models not only modernize the economic structure, but also create new jobs. Colleges and universities play an important role for successful start-ups and start-up ecosystems. In order to strengthen the Frankfurt Rhine-Main start-up ecosystem from the western Rhine-Main region, the EBS University of Economics and Law, which cooperates in the joint project “Gründungsfabrik Rheingau”, and the Geisenheim University of Applied Sciences join forces with the university start-up centers and co-working spaces in Wiesbaden (Fresenius University of Applied Sciences, RheinMain University of Applied Sciences and heimathafen) and in Mainz (Mainz University of Applied Sciences and Gutenberg Digital Hub) to organize and hold a joint start-up ring lecture.

The open lecture series, which will be every second  week – alternately in German and English – is aimed at all those interested in starting a business and those who are starting up a business, with or without a concrete idea. The lecture series will feature 90-minute sessions on the topic of business start-ups and the exchange of experiences with experts and founders. Topics relevant to start-ups such as ideation, scouting, business modeling, team & personality, legal + tax frameworks, financing, IT & digitalization will be discussed. The program is free of charge and is aimed primarily at experts and entrepreneurs who want to exchange ideas and experiences with start-ups.

The free program is primarily aimed at students with a general interest in the topic; founders and guests from outside the universities are equally welcome at any time. Those interested in founding a company receive a certificate of competence for participating in 15 lecture series. Information and registration options for the upcoming lectures can be found on the website of the Gründungsfabrik Rheingau ( and soon on the websites of the partners. The first impulse in the new format will take place live from the Gründungsfabrik Rheingau in Geisenheim on March 2. Henrik Wehrs, former Co-Founder of Schwarze Dose 28, reports in his impulse “”from the establishment to the Exit in one year”” which ups and downs he experienced as a founder, how important it is to have the right co-founders and why one should sometimes not listen to the surely well-intentioned advice of Family & Friends.

Contact: Dr. Jan Christoph Munck-Rieder EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht Deputy Director Strascheg Center for Impact in Innovation & Entrepreneurship (SCIIE), Project Management Gründungsfabrik Rheingau Rheingaustr. 1 65375 Oestrich-Winkel  Tel. +49 611 7102-1380,         

Further information on the subject of start-up support from the partners involved:

The Gründungsfabrik Rheingau is a joint project of the two partners “Geisenheim University” and “EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht”. The Gründungsfabrik sensitizes and qualifies those interested in founding at the two universities for the topic of entrepreneurship, especially to enable sustainable, social and ecological founding. Through workshops and events, those interested in founding a company are supported in the development and implementation of their ideas. This ranges from business plan seminars to intensive workshops. In addition, co-working spaces are available free of charge in the unique ambience of the Waas.schen Fabrik in Geisenheim.

The start-up service of Mainz University of Applied Sciences is the first point of contact for people interested in starting a business and potential founders. The start-up service offers initial information on starting a business/self-employment as well as initial advice with regard to their individual questions and also events on the topic of start-ups. Innovative start-up ideas are supported in the application process for funding, e.g. EXIST-Gründerstipendium. At RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, students and employees interested in founding a company can find support in the Competence & Career Center as well as in the projects “RheinMain StartUpLabs” (BMBF) and “Inkubator Connect” (IMPACT RheinMain, BMBF). In addition to individual consulting on the business model, there is support in the search for and application of possible funding as well as extensive networking in the startup ecosystem of the region. This summer will also see the launch of the “RheinMain StartUpLabs” at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences: teams of founders can apply here for both premises and funding to create and test prototypes as part of a one-year funding program.

The Pioneer Lab at Fresenius University of Applied Sciences supports all founders in all start-up phases at our university locations throughout Germany. From freelancers:in, to start-ups:in, to innovative and technology-based start-ups in all industries. We rely on our so-called “Nice Concept”, which is divided into “Network”, “Infrastructure”, “Coaching” and “Events”, in order to be able to guarantee holistic support.

With its inspiring premises directly on the Rhine, Gutenberg Digital Hub e. V. not only offers coworking spaces and offices for founders and startups, but also ensures networking between (digital) companies – among other things, through numerous events on a wide range of topics.

The heimathafen is one of the hotspots for startups and founders in Wiesbaden. For 10 years, numerous founders, creatives and social innovators have come together here at up to 100 events a year to network and support each other. In the “Old Court”, heimathafen will open a hub for innovation & impact of more than 2,000 square meters at the end of 2022 – including coworking space, startup center, event location & much more. Impact startups and social entrepreneurs supported. 

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