How to foster collaboration between startups and established players


Collaborating with established players is an important step for startups to successfully position their own business models, but it isn't always easy. To help, we will share insights learned from an innovation project of the Deutsche Bundesbank & neusinger. We will explore questions such as how you manage to work on solutions together and transparently, […]

Music @ GFR: After Work Jam Session

Gründungsfabrik Winkeler Straße 100b, Geisenheim

Since 2015 there is a fixed date for musicians with a desire for stage experience: On every third Thursday of the month, the Afterwork Jam Session takes place in the rooms of the Gründungsfabrik Rheingau @ Waas'sche Fabrik starting at 6 pm. As in the good Rheingau Riesling sparkling wine, there are countless sound pearls […]