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Company succession

Acquisition of assets of existing companies is mostly followed by strategic reorientation, innovation, and investment in modern equipment. A successful corporate succession is often seen as the greatest challenge for companies.  But which factors are critical for a successful succession? Hochschule Geisenheim University (Professorship for International Marketing Management) is conducting extensive research on the topic with a focus on the wine industry.

In the wine industry, it is often difficult to make a clear distinction between setting up a new business and reorganizing existing businesses through in-house succession or external takeovers.

Does it make a difference in terms of success if family members or externals take over an existing business (keyword “founders by succession”)? Does the gender have an influence on the success? Are there any success factors specific to the wine industry that do not exist in other industries? These and other questions will be addressed by the researchers.

Findings will be presented regularly at events on business succession organized by the Gründungsfabrik.